Escucha a Adriana Domínguez, invitada al Hotel Jorge Juan, el podcast de Javier Aznar y Seagram’s Gin

Hoy tenemos en el Hotel a Adriana Domínguez, recientemente nombrada presidenta ejecutiva de Adolfo Domínguez. Nos tomamos una copa con ella hablando de retos profesionales, de liderazgo, de toma de decisiones, de recuerdos con su padre, de libros, de moda, de lugares en los que vivir y de mucho, mucho más.

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Notas del podcast.

. Benedicta Sánchez, premio goya a mejor actriz revelación con 85 años, recogiendo el premio de Adolfo Domínguez.

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. "Sé más viejo".

. "El velo pintado", Somerset Maugham.

. Ecoalf.

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. Patagonia.

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We hope you enjoyed the premiere of "Lessons from Jeju." Join @kimi_swimmy and @patagonia_surf where director Nicole Gormley (@gromlet) will be taking over and continuing the conversation with an Instagram live Q&A today at 5pm PDT. ⁠ ⁠ “I wanted to go back in time. I wanted to meet the water women who came before me and get a glimpse into their world. That’s what I got from meeting the Haenyeo- a sisterhood that stands as a capsule of strength and resilience, of struggle and freedom, of well-earned beauty, and the truest form of laughter I’ve ever heard.⁠ ⁠ I encourage the community to watch this film not just because it's a story of motherhood but because the Haenyeo are freaking badass water people who earned in a way that the rest of us don’t have to.” – Kimi Werner⁠ ⁠ Photo: @gromlet

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